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The conference was completed over the two days with the presentation of 8 papers. Time was allotted for a selected respondent to each paper followed by questions and discussion.

Conference, Philosophy of Ethics: 2-3 June 2012 [Completed]

On Lying

Prof. Jane Forsey (Prof. of Philosophy, University of Winnipeg ): “The Truth about Lying”
Dr. Else Mogensen (Dr. Phil. of Classics, Wassard Elea): “The Praise of Pseudos”
Prof. Venanzio Raspa (Prof. Filosofia Teoretica, Dipartimento di Scienze dell’Uomo, Università degli Studi di Urbino): “The Reality of Lies”
Prof. Ioanna Patsioti-Tsacpounidis (Prof. (American College of Greece) “The Consistency and Inconsistency of Lying: Kant's Categorical Imperative and the Domain of Business Ethics”
Dr. James E. Mahon (Program in Ethics, Politics, and Economics, Yale University): “Kant on Lying as a Crime against Humanity”
John Bauer (University of South Carolina): “Spinoza and the Absolute Rule against Lying"
Habeeb Marouf (Parmenideum): "Deception as a Morally Neutral Evolutionary Necessity"

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Parmenideum Journal May 2011

Parmenideum Journal May 2011

On Lying

In his Fundamentals of the Metaphysics of Morals, Immanuel Kant formulates the notion of the famous categorical imperative, of which one application contends that lying is always wrong. Essentially, Kant argues, one should not lie as that would be inconsistent.

Is consistency a sufficient reason to never lie? Or are there exceptional circumstances when consistency, as well as the more traditional formulations of morality, should take second place? Are there ever, in fact, any circumstances in which, if one does not lie, one is in fact being immoral?

Consideration of these and other notions on the subject of lying are welcomed from interested individuals, with submissions accepted in both Italian and English. It is kindly requested that submissions in Italian be accompanied by an English translation, if possible.

The Parmenideum extends a welcome to all. Please send interest to

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