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  Philosophy Plays in The Cilento
Philosophy and the theatre have an historically significant relation. We hope to be able to introduce some of this in our attempts at classic dialogues, however curious they turn out to be!

Renditions & bold enactments of famous dialogues & classic texts

The rendition and enactment of some of the important dialogues from the history of philosophy is something we started in 2007 at the Parmenideum.

The Out-Loud "productions" can be as simple as reading from a script in front of an audience (with feeling and some flourish however) to full dress theatrical attempts (with many flourishes).

The aim is to experience both agonising enjoyment and to further learn about and deepen understanding of some of the greatest works from antiquity and recent history.

Renditions are approximately 50 minutes long with a short interlude for discrete, premature escape.

We invite students of philosophy and indeed any discipline to apply for the honour of playing the various characters in the various dialogues.

You may propose your own rendition or enactment of any suitable dialogue, which the Parmenideum will consider for production.

The principle languages are English and Italian, though other languages can be considered if you can work out and propose a subtitling method.

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Full, free e-text versions of many classic dialogues and plays can be found at Project Gutenberg


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