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  FAQ for Philosophy Weekends in The Cilento

What is the Parmenideum?
The Parmenideum has the purpose of increasing our knowledge of the Eleatic philosophy and, not least, of all its contemporary ramifications in intellectual life, science, and culture. It aims to demonstrate and build insight and competency and addresses scholars, artists, scientists and intellectuals everywhere who irrespective of diverse backgrounds and disciplines share common human concerns and perspectives, such as life quality and peace.

The Parmenideum welcomes articles and short notes, discussions or reviews, as well as proposals for colloquia that make interesting contributions to human knowledge and welfare.

Why are the encounters held at Elea/Ascea in the Cilento, Southern Italy?
There are three good reasons. First, it is the birth place of Parmenides and there are impressive ruins to see and be among.

Second, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and all philosophers ever since have been influenced by the philosophy of the Eleatics, c. 500 BC.

Third, The Cilento is beautiful, a cradle of lush Mediterranean flora and archeological riches that are unparalleled. It has a UNESCO designation.

Who attends the weekends?
Anyone with an interest in philosophy and science, an appreciation for exquisite cuisine and enjoys (or is in need of) inspiring surroundings and like minded company.

Are the speakers at seminars qualified academics?
Yes, at any seminars held generally they're either post doctoral university lecturers or professors.

Are the talks free to attend?
Yes. Only for formal seminars with invited speakers will there be a nominal registration fee.

Can you assist with accommodation?
Yes, but we are unable to book it directly for you. We can help with language difficulties when booking and when you are staying in Elea.

Is there a God?
Though this is of course a frequently asked question, it is in actual fact too frequently asked and therefore you will need to consult the Very Frequently Asked Questions section. Our site doesn't have a VFAQ, because the answers to those kinds of questions are either obvious or impossible. So, that's our answer!

Some physicists now declare that time doesn't exist as an objective property of the universe. Was Parmenides right after all?
This question is not in fact frequently asked and so will not be answered here. However, it might be discussed under some olive trees from time to time.


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