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St Anselm's Syndrome

A sorry state of affairs which no less than Necessary Beings suffer from, due to the fact of their having no choice in the matter of their eternal and necessary existence.

St. Anselm’s synrome is conveniently summerised in Gromble’s Compendium of Supernatural Diseases and Ailments (Fourth edition revised) as:

A syndrome that than which no greater can be thought ofs suffer from.

It goes on to say that:

The condition of existing eternally brings with it the many different aspects to the syndrome, most notably boredom and narcissism, which the sufferer attempts to drive away through a repeated cycle of creation and destruction.

Note: necessary beings, if they exist, are not All Mighty, though some maintain that they may be very powerful and therefore worthy of note, if they exist. (See Pascal's Wager, Pensees, Section III, for an example of such exemplary cowardice). See elsewhere for more on the relation of necessary being and power.

Go here for more on the relation of necessary being and power.

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