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writers, authors and artists residence in italy

The proverbial beach... This one is located at Ascea in the Cilento of Italy
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The writers' and artists' retreats are available any time of year.

"We find Ascea and the Cilento an unparalleled place of nature, culture and quality of life, and we therefore believe that it can be the same for the like-minded involved in their creative works. By this we mean a lifelong involvement in the arts and sciences, and such that artists, writers, composers and scholars of all kinds may benefit from the same conditions by being away, for not too short a time, from the usual in order to concentrate on subjects of their choice. You could also put it this way: here are found the conditions that we, years ago, should have liked to have had, so now we open the doors for others".
Lars and Else Aagaard-Mogensen


Theatre in Ascea
Amateur theatre in the Mogensen's library and study

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About Ascea
Ascea is located on the west coast of southern Italy, approx. 80 km south of Salerno and 140 km south of Napoli (Naples). Paestum, Pompeii and Rome are easily accessible by direct train ride (20, 70 and 150 minutes respectively).

Ascea combines the best that the south of Italy has to offer - gorgeous weather, excellent Mediterranean cuisine, mountains, sea and tranquility - while also being in the heart of one of the most culturally and historically rich areas in the world. Ascea is the name of the modern town, but in the past it was the ancient Greek colony Elea, founded in the 6th century B.C. Elea was the home of the pre-Socratic philosophers Parmenides and Zeno. Later, in Roman times, the town was known as Velia. The excavations at Elea/Velia are open to visitors year-round. Ascea also includes Ascea Marina, which has a modern theatre and concert hall, as well as two open-air amphitheatres.

Ascea Paese (village) is located at an altitude of approx. 230 meters with a view of the sea and olive groves. There is an old part with narrow streets and 17th century houses. There are grocery stores, a butcher shop, fishmonger, fruit and veg sellers, a clothing and footwear store, a hardware store, a kiosk, tobacconist, florist, a drugstore, cafés and several pizzerias. After a short walk, there is also possibly the best restaurant in Cilento.

Ascea Marina has a beach, many shops including a bookstore, a number of restaurants and is a favourite vacation spot in July and August. The ancient Greek and Roman settlement of Elea/Velia is situated in Ascea municipality on the neighbouring hilltop, a 20 minute walk from the centre.

The Cilento
The Cilento park (Parco Nazionale del Cilento e Vallo di Diano) is on the World Heritage List for its historical and cultural significance. It is as one would expect of a region in the Mediterranean: rapturously beautiful. The following locations are all within either walking distance or a short train or car ride.

Elea (Roman name: Velia): excavated Greek city state of Magna Graecia founded in the 6th century B.C. Two small museum buildings on the grounds.

Paestum: excavated Greek city state, founded about 600 B.C. Originally called Poseidonia by the Greeks. Archaeological Museum.

Vatolla: has the Fondazione Giambattista Vico, Palazzo Vargo, where Vico wrote The New Science, first published in 1725. Museo Vichiano and Biblioteca Vichiana.

The accommodation offered here is for those involved (professional or otherwise) in the arts, humanities, sciences, journalism and other related fields.
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