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The Parmenideum Philosophy Society offers accommodation for writers, scholars and artists to pursue their creative projects in tranquil surroundings
The beach near writers', authors' and artists' retreats and residences in Ascea Italy
The proverbial beach. This one is located at Ascea in the Cilento of Italy

Somewhere quiet, inspiring and out of reach


"The primary prerequisite is genuine engagement in the arts, humanities, sciences and other creative interests".

Literary, theatrical & musical events may be organised at the Mogensen's home from time to time.

jazz in Ascea
Jazz performance at the home of the Mogensens


Reading works in Ascea Writers Retreat
A reading by Italian writer Salvatore Carbone

Additional apartments near the sea for writers
For accommodation in the Marina of Ascea close to the shore please visit the links below. These holiday apartments are not exclusively reserved for writers, but can be made available off-season by the owners to writers and artists for a lower rental price on request.
Seaside apartments for writers

writer's apartment in italy
Parco degli Ulivi
Status Self Catering
Location Ascea Marina
Sea/beach 200m
Casa del Pozzo
Status Self Catering
Ascea Marina
Sea/beach 200m
apartment in italy for writers and artists italy apartment rental of flats for writers and artists and musicians
Casa degli Aranci
Status Self Catering
Location Ascea Marina
Sea/beach 200m
Attic Flat
Status Self Catering
Location Ascea Marina
Sea/beach 200m
More accommodation suitable for writers & artists is available at Scriblum Writers' Apartments and Retreats

The Parmenideum is offering an opportunity for writers, artists and musicians to work in the calm environment of a small Italian coastal hilltop village, rich in history and set in the natural beauty of the Cilento National Park.

In 2003 Lars Aagaard-Mogensen, Professor of Aesthetics, and Else Mogensen, Ph.d. in Classics, established themselves in the village of Ascea in Southern Italy, about 90 minutes from Naples. They are offering artists, writers, journalists, composers and scholars short and long-term residence on very favourable terms.

The apartments
There are 4 self catering apartments reserved exclusively for writers and others involved in creative work, situated in the village of Ascea. All are fully equipped - sitting area, with writing desk, 1 or 2 bedrooms, heaters, bathroom/shower, washing machine, equipped kitchen, linen. Each has a terrace with views over the sea and is suitable for one or two persons (individuals or couple), with additional bed for a friend or colleague on an over night visit.

Each apartment is usually let on a 4 weekly basis at 680 Euro, inclusive of utilities. Though for convenience monthly rental is preferred, rental in weeks/days can be arranged.

1 week  : 240 Euro
2 weeks: 408 Euro (15% reduction on weekly rate)
3 weeks: 576 Euro (20%)
4 weeks: 720 Euro (25%)

  • All utilities - water, gas, electric - included
  • No seasonal variation in rental cost (winter heating supplement, if necessary)
  • Security deposit not required
  • Advance reservation of 50% of the total rental cost is kindly requested (via PayPal or bank transfer)
  • Visitors are collected from Ascea train station or met at a convenient location (if by car) and accompanied to the apartment.
  • Final cleaning and laundry are visitor's responsibility.
  • Mobile internet broadband: 40 Euro for 4 weeks or up to 5GB usage, which ever comes sooner. Can be re-charged. Please let us know in advance if you require a dongle so that it can be booked.
Reservation guidelines
The primary prerequisite is engagement in creative work in literature, arts, humanities, sciences and other fields of creativity and learning. Please send us a letter or e-mail with brief description of the work/project you wish to carry out during a visit. We would also be pleased to receive a resumé and documentation about past work, publications, etc., if you have them, though this is not an obligation, only a kind request. We keep an archive with documentation and works by past residents.
For enquiries Email :          telephone  +39 329 408 4127     or     +44 (0)203 286 1857

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Accommodation, residencIes and retreats for rent to writers, artists, composers and scholars
The accommodation offered on this page is for those involved (professional or otherwise) in the arts, humanities, sciences, journalism and other related fields.
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