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General policy and terms

General - Insurances
Visitors should ensure that they have all the standard travel insurances requisite for a trip in Europe of this nature, particularly if you will be undertaking activities such as trekking, horse trekking, canoeing and mountain biking.

The Parmenideum cannot accept responsibility for loss or personal injury whilst staying at the various agriturismo or whilst undertaking out-doors activities.

However, where possible, in the event of difficulty, the Parmenideum will do its utmost in assisting to find a resolution.

The Philosophical encounters
Our policy is to take the utmost pleasure from pursuing philosophy, science and learning in all their guises, blending them through good fellowship with the pleasure of nature, archeology, the beach and Italy in general, as well as lunch and dinner in all their guises.

Moreover, and especially, we welcome believers, agnostics and backsliding atheists who are intelligently seeking not so much to present their beliefs and theses, as much as to search and test them for the unshakable beliefs and theses they are held to be.

Cowardly Disclaimer
Whilst the staff of the Parmenideum are committed and confirmed Explanatory Atheists, following Quinten Smith's admirable example, we do however reserve the right to change our minds in the event of the existence of God being proven beyond a shadow of a reasonable doubt.


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