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  Philosophy Plays in The Cilento
Philosophy and the theatre do not have a currently significant relation, though we hope to be able to give them one, however curious it turns out to be.

An "Out-Loud" enactment of David Hume's Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion

"How can something that exists from eternity have a cause, since the causal relation implies priority in time and a beginning of existence?"

Cleanthes, Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion

The Parmenideum will boldly hold an "out-loud" enactment of Hume's literary and philosophical masterpiece.

"Actors" (more or less) play the famous protagonists Philo, Demea and Cleanthes.

We invite students of philosophy to apply for the honour of playing the various characters.

A full, free e-text of Hume's Dialogues is available here courtesy of Project Gutenberg.


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