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  Philosophy Plays in The Cilento
Philosophy and the theatre do not have a currently significant relation, though we hope to be able to give them one, however curious it turns out to be.

An "Out-Loud" Rendition of Parmenides, by Plato

"The awe with which Plato regarded the character of 'the great' Parmenides has extended to the dialogue which he calls by his name. None of the writings of Plato have been more copiously illustrated, both in ancient and modern times, and in none of them have the interpreters been more at variance with one another."

Benjamin Jowett, in the Introduction to his translation of the Parmenides

The Parmenideum will bravely hold an "out-loud" rendition of this contentious dialogue.

It will surely be a treat to discuss this work, written by one of the most duplicitous thinkers in history, Plato, concerning one of the most straightforward, Parmenides.

We invite students of philosophy to apply for the honour of playing the various characters.

A full, free e-text of the translation of Plato's original Greek text by Benjamin Jowett is available here curtsey of Project Gutenberg.


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